People are saying ...

Jane, you keep making cakes, and I'll keep buying them. Clients LOVE your cakes! You are such a pleasure to deal with. We will order more around either Thanksgiving or Christmas. Keep up the Great Job!

People are saying ...

I ordered a cake Tuesday evening for my boss here at the (office) for his birthday. The cake arrived right on time.

My boss loved the cake...and so did I. It was delicious. He has requested the website. And I will be ordering from you again.

Thanks so much for the prompt delivery and delicious cake!!! Yummmm.

About Our Cakes

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Made from scratch, homemade, southern-style cream cheese pound cakes direct to your door from the Beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina...

Our Recipe is our Reputation

Jane's southern cream cheese pound cake is a variation of an old family recipe passed down to Jane by her grandmother. Jane's cakes contain only the very finest and freshest ingredients. Over the years, Jane improved upon this recipe her husband and two sons were satisfied that it provided the best taste, texture, & moistness of any pound cake they had ever eaten.We offer all 12 of our flavors in the standard 3-pound size which is 9 inches in diameter, about 3 inches high and yields 16 slices. Two of our flavors, Van-tastic Vanilla, and Lively Lemon are available in a 1.5 pound size which is 7 inches in diameter, about 2 inches high and yields 8 slices. We ship all of our cakes in specially designed gift boxes or custom tins to locations throughout the world. Our pound cakes are very dense and therefore can be sliced in very thin pieces. All of our cake flavors are available in the standard 3-pound size which is 9 inches in diameter and yields 16 slices.

Freshness and Flavor

Our cakes will retain their freshness and flavor for up to 2 weeks after being received. This can be achieved by keeping the cake refrigerated in an airtight wrapping or container. When kept frozen in an airtight wrapping or container they freeze extremely well for up to 12 months! Because our cakes contain no preservatives they can be re-frozen without losing any flavor or consistency.

Unique Top Crust

A unique characteristic of our cake is a crunchy, slightly fallen and broken top crust which gives way to a sweet, moist inner texture. We invert each cake for shipping and for presentation so the crunchy crust is on the bottom of the cake. Then each cake is sprinkled with a mixture of granulated sugar and powdered sugar. Our chocolate cake is sprinkled with a combination of granulated sugar and cocoa.

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